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rOpenSci News Digest, November 2021

Community call on Enhancing Software Peer Review with GitHub Automation, help wanted issues, new packages and package news

RSS feeds of package updates in r-universe

A major difference between r-universe and static repositories like CRAN and BioConductor is continuous deployment: packages in r-universe are continuously built in CI and immediately deployed to our package server. This package server stores binaries and metadata in a database, which enables us to dynamically query and expose all the package data through APIs, dashboards, feeds, etc. Based on some suggestions from twitter users, we have added support for RSS feeds of package updates

How I Test cffr on (about) 2,000 Packages using GitHub Actions and R-universe

When GitHub announced support for CITATION.cff files I though of creating a package that would assist R developers in this matter. I was already using codemetar for most of my packages, so I was familiar with the creation of these kind of metadata files. I borrowed some ideas from codemetar, although I decided to create most of my code from scratch (I enjoy challenging myself, and there is no better way of learning)....

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